Whenever  I am around my friends &families  ,till recently I used to use these two words more often

My friends would have some  bites while shopping, they could hear me shout&calling them Me too,they would discuss some plans to go to a nearby cinema or a mall or some short get away of a city kind ,I am there with a Me too placard

In families too if there were  some functions and I know I don’t  want to be left behind ,my request was always there in a ME TOO tone,but now these words have a whole new meaning for me.

It’s  good that our country  is recognising  that there should be some movements to safe guard our women  in their work place and around but if the western countries  are having these so called #ME TOO movement and the country is reacting to it in a positive way,can the same  be said of our country,we should not forget that ours is a orthodox  multilingual  country ,here people come from all walks of life.

What our country   needs is , good women leadership  in all fields,we need to give good education&scope to our girlchild the same way as we give to our sons,remove the discrimination  from the grass root level,make all cities &villages self sufficient in all ways possible for a girl child  to live and grow in a neat clean and unbiased environment  &see the results coming in afew years down the line.

We must go for a #WE ARE WITH YOU movement where all of us should  taken upon ourselves  the responsibility  of protecting the female right in the womb.

Lets give it to our girls a free India,a safe India where she is protected &treated as equal ,lets give her the wings to fly,high where even sky shouldn’t be the limit.

Just don’t  give her one day to feel special,but make her the centre of your universe and see the magic following ………………….Love you Womania




Who are we,why are we, have you imagined this lately.🤔

People are running to &fro just to touch  that brow

Is it worth it to keep our minds burdened  with thoughts of that kind,which will never come with us when we go.

So won’t  it be nice to turn around&embrace  the child in your heart and show the world this the only way to live around………….HAPPY LIVING